March 15, 2016 at 11:30 am

Things People Forget to Do On Moving Day

Moving day can be hectic, and since there are tons of things on a person’s mind that day, it is best to have a list at hand in order not to forget about anything. The most common thoughts racing in people’s minds on the day that they are moving are things like whether anything will be forgotten, will the movers be careful and not break anything, will everything arrive there on time, and who is going to send the post that has forgotten to be redirected to the new address. With these thoughts blurring important things to look out for, it is best to have a check-list written down that will include the most important matters to attend to. Moving companies like CMS shipping can help out with giving you a hand at the key things to watch out for, as well as guide you to a stress-free move within the country or even over seas to your new destination.

Do On Moving Day

Double Checking Is Key to Peaceful Mind

Although you have probably packed up all of your things ahead of time, it is very important to double check the attic, basement, and all of your rooms and closets before finally turning the key to your old house. Once that is done, make sure that you drop off the key to the arranged location, since once of the most embarrassing, yet most frequent things that occurs is people leave their keys in the front door. In order to prevent such things from happening, sometimes it is best to have the new owner (if that is the case) come and pick them up on the day you leave, or get the landlord to wave you goodbye.

Valuables are Valuable for All

Things like important documents; currency and jewelry are items that should never be stored away into the boxes you are packing. Even if you think you have hidden your grandmother’s favorite ring in a safe space, it could actually go missing from moving about in the box, and something that has a sentimental value is not going to be replaceable, no matter how big your insurance policy is.  Valuables speak value to the person who owns them, but others might find the items very appealing as well, so it is best kept by the person’s side at all times.

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