July 14, 2018 at 5:27 am

Boris Dobrin on 5 Essential Management Tips for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Become Better Leaders

If you want to grow your entrepreneurial venture, it’s essential to improve your management skills with the ultimate goal of becoming a better leader. You can’t attract top talent, network with business partners, or connect with angel investors if your management and leadership skills are weak. If you want to become a stronger leader and a better manager as an entrepreneur, then you should remember the following crucial tips.

1) Learn the fine art of delegation and empowerment. Don’t just delegate tasks to get work done; strive to help your team improve their skillsets. Teach your team members new skills, praise them for their efforts, and recommend them for other opportunities based upon their newly acquired skills. Employees will respect a leader who helps them increase their talents.

2) If you want to become a better manager, giving feedback to your staff is critical. Feedback should encourage and teach at the same time. Learning how to give (and receive) feedback is essential if you want to improve your leadership skills as an entrepreneur.

3) Milestone tracking is an excellent skill to hone if you want to improve your entrepreneurial management talents. Setting milestones for yourself and your team teaches the importance of regularly tracking the completion status of tasks to encourage responsibility for one’s actions. Milestone tracking can also be a handy tool when working with an employee who has sub-par performance and is scheduled for regular performance reviews.

4) If you want to become a better leader with strong management skills, teach your team the power of ownership. Employees who take ownership for their work output are much more likely to succeed in business than those who consistently blame others for their lack of progress.

5) Entrepreneurs who micro-manage their team aren’t likely to build strong businesses or run companies with excellent corporate culture. Most employees don’t like to be micro-managed, but instead, want clear directions and the freedom to complete their assigned tasks. If you hope to improve your management skills, you’re going to need to stop micro-managing those around you.

Integrate these essential management tips into your entrepreneurial activities, and you will increase your leadership skills in the process. Becoming a better leader takes effort and patience; it’s not something that can be achieved overnight. Work on your management skills on a consistent basis to maximize the potential of your entrepreneurial career.

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