August 8, 2016 at 6:45 am

Make Your Conference Less Chaotic: Book at a Hotel Venue

The planning of a conference can be a daunting task for any organiser, and some companies and charities even have an employee or volunteer who is entirely dedicated to the task of planning an annual or biannual event. This is because some events happen on such a large scale that there are seemingly endless decisions to make.

First, there are dates to select and a venue to book. Second, invitations need to be sent and a theme selected. If it is a conference or other professional event, then speakers need to be arranged and presentations written and reviewed. On and on the tasks pile on as the conference or event draws closer. With so many pieces of the puzzle to put in place, any event planner is excited when one decision can make others easier. A great way to cut through the complications is to book the conference at a venue attached to or affiliated with a hotel or other accommodation.

Why Select a Venue at a Hotel

Often organisers select conference venues in Perth that are attached to or associated with a hotel. This allows attendees and visitors to easily arrive at the conference programs in the morning, take a break in their hotel room between presentations or speakers, and return safely at night.


Solving Issues of Communication

Of course, reserving conference space connected to a hotel has other perks. One is the communication and synchronisation amongst the hotel management and staff. Once a preference is communicated, it can be carried out across all phases of the event.

If the conference is held in a hotel’s event space, then a conference or event organiser can speak with the same contact at the hotel to book a block of rooms, reserve the corporate and conference space, and even arrange catering. Suddenly, the number of contacts and phone calls this event planner must make goes from three to one. That is a lot less work.

Solving Issues of Logistics and Timing

Additionally, there are fewer issues with logistics and timing. First, it is unnecessary to find a way to transport attendees from one location to another for speakers and presentations. Event-goers are able to take an elevator from breakfast to the conference room and be ready to start the day. As well, there are no directions to provide from one part of the conference to another.


If the hotel is booked for accommodation and conference activities, it is also likely to handle the catering and provide the catering staff. Many hotels and other conference venues are flexible on this requirement and may allow an organiser to hire an outside caterer, but having the option of the hotel staff arranging and providing all meals can free up planning time and sometimes part of the event budget.

Additionally, if one part of the event goes over in time, such as lunch, there are no phone calls to make or venues to contact. The hotel staff will help handle moving the room reservations or any other tasks associated with such a delay.

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