April 21, 2017 at 8:55 am

Whether it’s your side hustle, or you full investment of time and money

your small business must grow to reach its full potential. This seems fairly obvious, but what might not be as obvious is how to reach this growth. The amount of growth depends on you, but to turn a small business into a big one, you have to set goals, diversify and expand.

Set Realistic Goals

In other words, don’t burn yourself out right away. If you’re still working your full-time job, this can be something that is inevitable in the beginning, unless you pace yourself and plan accordingly.

Hire the Right People

You are a motivated individual so your team should be, too. Make sure they have the same goals, aspirations, and reasons you do. Also, equip them to do the job you hired them to do. If it’s sales, give them a phone or computer and so on.


Learn What your Competitors are Doing

If you have a competitor or just another business doing something similar, why reinvent the wheel entirely? See what they have done in the past that has worked and what has not, and let that be the groundwork for yours. While this does save time, you still have to be original to be successful, so don’t go overboard.

Have an Advisor or Mentor

Is there someone in this space that has already seen great success? See if he/she will be one of your advisors or mentors. Learn from their mistakes and lead by their example. If the greats had mentors.

As your business gets bigger, you will develop strategies to foster and continue that growth for a long time to come. Eventually, maybe you can even partner or merge with other businesses to ultimately become a large, successful company. Maybe even sell a franchise, or have offices in different cities or countries. Dream big. There’s no reason not to.

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